Tony Pietro Partner

Tony Pietro is a Partner of The Townsend Group and is responsible for portfolio management and investment underwriting.  His client portfolios include over $3 billion in total real assets under management.  Mr. Pietro participates in all aspects of portfolio management, including but not limited to, leading client relationships, strategic and investment planning, and investment due diligence and execution.  Mr. Pietro has acted as the lead underwriter for over $1 billion in client investments.  In addition, he assists with management of the portfolio management team, as well as new hire training.  Since originally joining The Townsend Group in 2006, Mr. Pietro has also focused on various aspects of the firm’s businesses, including spending periods of time working within the dedicated advisory and investment underwriting groups.

Mr. Pietro has prior experience in multifamily development as a Project Manager for the NRP Group, a full service development, construction, and property management firm.

Mr. Pietro obtained his BS in Finance with a concentration in Real Estate from Ohio University in June of 2006.