David Dix Partner

David Dix is a Partner with The Townsend Group based in London and is responsible for the management of client portfolios with a particular focus on real estate exposures.

Mr. Dix has over 20 twenty years’ experience in real estate investment and management in Europe, Asia, and the United States. He joined The Townsend Group in 2018 from CBRE Capital Advisors (London) where he was responsible for advising global clients on indirect real estate investment strategies.

Prior to CBRE, Mr. Dix was a principal with a Japanese fund manager (seven years), largely based in Tokyo, and with Macquarie Bank in Sydney, Australia (ten years). At Macquarie Bank, he initially focused on investment and financial (FX and interest rate) risk management advisory roles thereafter moving into real estate fund management including three years as CEO of a $2.2 billion cross-border listed REIT. He has been directly involved in the strategy development, capital raising, and management of more than $3 billion of real estate funds and provided strategy and investment advice to institutional real estate investors in the Europe, U.K., U.S. and Asia.

Mr. Dix holds a MA in Land Economy from Cambridge University (U.K.) and a BA in Agricultural Economics from Sydney University (Australia).